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Support language in the showPreferences function

It seems that Ketch is choosing the language when the tag is initialized. Our application allows users to change the language at runtime without reloading the app. We are using Redux to cache a lot of data from network calls in the state. Reloading the page when the language is updated will undoubtably cause a poor user experience. <a href="#" onclick="ketch('showPreferences', { language: 'en', <-- new tab: 'consentsTab', dataSubjectTypeCodes: ['customer', 'other'], showOverviewTab: true, showConsentsTab: true, showRightsTab: false, showSubscriptionsTab: false, supportedCountries: ['US', 'GB'] })">Privacy Settings</a>

Justin Wheeler 27 days ago

Ability to pre-populate Rights Form Fields programmatically

Many Ketch customers offer a robust loggedIn experience to its consumers. These customers want to pre-fill the Rights form with consumer details. The reasons are Ease and convenienceProtect against potential incorrect data entry issues. eg. Consumers sign with apple’s private relay email. The account is created against that email but at the time to rights request consumer creates it with their real email. Account cannot be found and the request gets rejected.Proposed SolutionOn the form page load there should be an ability for customer to write custom JS to update the form fields with some values and possibly also make them non-editable.

Anupam Gupta 3 months ago